Tips On How To Build A Great Website.

                 ” I have no special talents, I am only Passionately curious “, Albert Einstein.https://bestlifetimerevenue.com

Most of us want to earn some extra money and go on a nice vacation, get a new car, or save more for retirement, right?

Nowadays, with all these opportunities the Internet can provide us, Its affordable to anyone to make an extra income online. Of course, they are many ways you can make money online for example by selling stuff on eBay, Craiglist, Amazon

However, the best and the easiest way I can personally recommend anyone who is looking for a long term income is to learn how to make money online as An Affiliate Marketer.

To be a smart and successful affiliate marketer like Pat Flynn and others, you need to master and learn all strategies and tools of  Affiliate Marketing programs.

As an Affiliate Marketer, you will be able to create a passive income from your blog( your website).

Meanwhile, we believe it so easy to find a topic to blog about and build up a website to make money off it, that simple. Well, let me tell a truth here, if you don’t have a passion for what you want to blog about, you will definitely struggle along the way. Eventually, you won’t be able to make any money.

The first thing we need to know as  Affiliate Marketing bloggers are what people are looking for on the web, something to help them out with.  Here are some basic topics most people are looking for answers and help online.

1 : Health:

  •  Weight loss
  • Natural healing

    Making Money Online

               Affiliate Marketing: Tips And Strategies

  • Muscle gain.

2 : Love:

+  Wedding planning

+  How to get your ex back.

3 : Wealth:

  • Retire early
  • Start a business.
  • Get out of debts.

According to Scrivs From Obstacle.co :

The 7 top blog niches that gain the most traffic and make the most money are :

– How to make money

– Personal finance

– Health and fitness

– Food

– Beauty and fashion

– Lifestyle.

You can definitely make money online in these niches ( what you are passionate about) I mentioned above, by the way, those are just the popular ones.

Now you may ask me ok Omar: my hobby is to write and talk about tips on how to lose weight, but how can I reach out to my audience and help them out with their needs?

A lot of programs and pieces of training out there can teach you as an affiliate marketer on how to start your online business.

Wealthy Affiliate training is the one that helped me to start and teach me and more than 200000 others how to generate revenue as an affiliate marketer, why?

Well, the best aspect I love inside Wealthy Affiliate program is the fact that it shows you step by step how to take advantage of your passion.with a lot of inside tools and teaching you will be able to build a solid business that will get you further and further.


As you can see, Wealthy Affiliate uses Site Rubix tool to build up your website so quickly and  remains one of  the top website builders where you can start to create your own web,It’s a great tool that comes with a bundle of tools and very easy to set up your web and start creating content as well.

First, I want you to go to google and type your passion topic, for instance, type: weight loss+affiliate Program.


You need to check if the topic you choose or your niche has affiliate programs to link to generate an income or not. You will notice that Amazon, as an example, has a lot of products to offer you can promote to help your audience to lose weight. So, you need to sign up with Amazon, or any other affiliate programs, once you are approved as an affiliate, you will get a unique link.

You need to use this link on your website to recommend your product to your customers and then you will a commission.

Here, where The Wealthy Affiliate training is considered as a valuable tool, they teach first how to set up a website linked to your passion in this case weight loss, in very easy and fast steps.

Then comes the keyword tool called: Jaaxy




Jaxxy is a very updated keyword tool to check for quality keywords you can choose related to your niche  (weightloss)This tool with help you to choose from a lot of keywords relevant to your niche, ( in our case weight loss).

Next step will be on how to come up with great content of your website and how to review the product you found Amazon and what you should do to present it to your audience to help them out. By the way, you need to produce good quality content as Bill Gates says: Content is a king.

If you want to be successful as an affiliate marketer and gain the trust of your audience ( visitors), please don’t be pushy and forget about sales pitch tactics, otherwise, you risk losing the attention of your visitors.

Finally, The Wealthy Affiliate training simply teaches you from picking a niche to building a website, to writing a post and getting that post listed in Google, Yahoo and Bing to getting people to visit your website and finally to making money.

That being said social network tools are very helpful as well like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others.

Here is Robert Kiyosaki explaining different types of income you can make.



Those just few examples most affiliate marketers are blogging about. But the problem is blogging may seem very easy for some of us,

However, to take this hobby to the top level and earn an income through it, you need to be persistent, consistent and committed to going for it. Few affiliate marketing programs out there will teach how to do it correctly and they will charge you a lot of money.

Honestly for free to join here and you will learn all those steps within a week without any credit card at all.

Give it a try and let me know what do you think ok. Please feel free to leave me your comments, I will be so happy to get back to you as soon as I can.

Good luck,

Omar k,



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  1. Thanks for sharing how and probably more importantly why to build a website. I agree with with jaaxy that is an awesome tool to help with SEO. I also agree with using affiliate partners. At the end of the day if you know about something good that can help others, it becomes a win win to help a visitor out and also help yourself.

  2. I love affiliate marketing…so far! As a newbie in the industry, I really am taking heed of what you shared about how we must be passionate about our website’s topic. This is a very long term way of earning money and that is a foundational tip! Thanks for sharing your knowledge about affiliate marketing and Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Absolutely Candice,

      More we learn about how to earn money online in legimate ways more we can help our readers and eventually help ourselves .
      Thank you for stopping by.

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