Go Here Next Review :It Is Worth Now?


GoHereNextReview: Is It Worth It Or No?

GoHereNextReview: Is It Worth It Or Not? The truth you want to know.

Yesterday I was driving home from work and I was listening to my radio news, when I heard a commercial talking about another MLM ( Multi-Level Marketing) business online called :


In my blog, I will try to show you what this product is all about, and then I will give you my final thought and my verdict if you are looking to use it as a home-based income or not.

Ok, Let us start.


During my research on this product, I was trying to find out who is the Owner of this website and try to get more information about him so I can reveal the truth to my readers.

Unfortunately, When you go on google and type in: www.goherenext.com.

You will get directed to this page https://radiozeronine.createmyfuture.com.

All that you will see is this :


goherenext.com review

The GoHereNext product is known as a home business opportunity, where you give your personal information including your phone number and your email in order to learn about a guy who built a four billion-dollar company and he is about to start the fifth one as well.

Their target is to promote “Shaklee” a well-known manufacturer of premium nutrition, home care, and personal care products.

What is the product name:

It is called: GoHereNext.com

It’s a Multi-level Marketing based home business currently trying to pitch Shaklee products for direct sales, for example, Avon products.

How does work?

It’s all about aggressive sales that include calling people on the phone and knocking on the doors. pitching your own friends and families to get Shaklee products.

Who is the owner?

Roger Barnett is the CEO of Shaklee this company has been around for about 55 years. They manufacture nutritional supplements and household products and they distribute their products through the Multi-Level Marketing system, meaning you get the product and recruit others to do the same things then you expect to get the commission if you don’t recruit people you won’t get paid.

What I don’t like?

Being a distributor of Shaklee products, you have to pitch to your friends and your family using hard sales pitches as I mentioned earlier.

You don’t sell the products directly, you only promote Shaklee’s brand name, more importantly, their business model to get other people to join.

Another thing I personally don’t like is that you and your customers must buy Shaklee products IF you want to earn points and get commissions.

To unlock their product and activate their software to see what is all about, you must first make your first payment of $47 ( normally $597), so why do I have to pay for something I don’t know about, and I’ve experienced it?

Why the advertisements are so short on detail if the business is totally clear and clean?

I am in the online home business field and when I start building my online business, I didn’t pay anything, I get to start for free and then read and do my own research on such business then when I found what I liked, I may consider paying for my membership.

If you want more about what I am talking about, try it here for free.

What I do like :

Shaklee products are real and well-proven by people who tried them.

Shaklee is huge that manufactures real and beneficial products.

They have phenomenal tactics and strategies they teach you how to recruit people and sell them

their products.

Is Shaklee a scam?

No, it’s a company based on recruiting more people to join and buy their products and bring more recruiters in order to generate an income.


Name : GoHereNext

Website: https://radiozeronine.createmyfuture.com.

Price: $47

Ratings: 2/5

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Common scams you should know about:

Please have these remarks into consideration if you are looking for Real and Legitimate business:

  • As far as I know legitimate business never asks you for your personal and private information to get in touch with you.
  • Scammers will send you an email asking you to click on the link and log in to verify your information. When you do that both your login information and your personal data will be hijacked so easily.
  • Most legitimate businesses have a social media presence, so you check on them and see what they are all about by using either Facebook, Twitter…
  • Scammers have no address at all, they may show you a fake PO box, but never really addresses it.
  • Legitimate businesses use legitimate methods of payments like banks, they even use online services such as Paypal, and you can check with Paypal to see if they are a verified sender or not.

Those are some tips you should always remember before you sign up or give your own account information to any business online.

After you read my article, do you think GoHereNext Review is worth it or not?

If you are looking for Legitimate work from home business, you can check a book called :

“The Work-At-Home Sourcebook” it’s over 1000  home opportunities jobs you can choose from, written by Lynie Arden.


Personally, if I have to work from home and build my own online business from scratch, I would rather work for myself and by myself, and I can sell or promote whatever product I feel comfortable with.

I don’t like to approach and pitch others to buy products I didn’t personally try, if that product disappears for some reason, I will lose my credibility with my audience. I don’t want this to happen to me and to anyone I know.

If you are looking for an online home-based business, first you should know how and what you should do to become an affiliate marketing, because as an Affiliate Marketer, you can promote other products and get paid, but before you take this step, you have to make sure how to determine a topic that you enjoy working on every day.

To learn how to start your own online business and choose a topic you love to promote please visit me at www.wealthyaffilate.com

As a matter of fact, any successful online business requires two important things:

  • Hard work
  • Time.

To sum up here:

Our “GoHereNext.com” product promises you will get money within a month of joining, sometimes on the first day.

Guess what, strong, and solid online businesses will never promise this to you ever, but certainly, you will generate an income only after you have learned about your business and put time and hard work, then you have to take action, it may take months or sometimes years to see the results.

But remember you are building an asset for yourself and your family that lasts forever.

To make it short, if you want to make money as an Affiliate Marketer and sell whatever product you like, here is a solid online-based and legit home business  I  want to share with my readers and friends, go here.

You will learn first how to build your own website and how to present the product you trust and like in a proper and efficient way to your readers.

I hope I did provide you with enough information you are looking for and please if you ever need more clarifications, feel free to shoot me an email with all your questions. I will be able to reply as soon as possible and remember: This is NOT a quick scheme thing, this is your business it’s yours and nobody will care about it more than you.






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  1. I’m always searching for cool opportunities that exist out there as far as making money online. I appreciate the insights that you give; I’ve wasted a lot of time doing my own research on products. You make my life easier!
    Thanks a lot!
    Ben Kuriger

  2. I’m discovering more and more those ‘pay to play’ type of companies each day. It’s not a legit business model at all, at least in my mind. I’m familiar with Schakle nutrition and I even reviewed their supplement once. However, the system they apply is repulsive. Thanks for the review!

  3. From my perspective, MLM companies are the ones I hate the most due to their business model. The pyramid scheme is slavery in a nutshell if you don’t go up in ranks within that business.I agree 100% with you when it comes to creating a long-term business with Wealthy Affiliate. As Warren Buffet once said, “if you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep you will work until you die”.

  4. The problem with MLM is if their products don’t sell well you end up with a bunch of people going around in circles dreaming of a passive income while recruiting people into their “downlines” with no actual selling going on.

    Then it collapses in on itself and byeee!

    • Hi Derek,
      Thank you for stopping by, absolutely MLM business remains very tuff to deal with as far a passive income concerned.

  5. I was going to try the job.. But after I read the reviews I am glad I didn’t do it.. I ALWAYS read the reviews first.. Then decide my next move.. Thanks to this I don’t have to waste my time

    • I agree Laura,
      We need, alweays read reviews about anything before we dig into it. Most of the times people don’t pay close attention to the reviews till they get rip off.
      I am happy that my post was very helpful to you.

  6. In going for a walk today heard the goherenext.com commercial on my pocket radio. Appreciate so much your review, saved me a lot of time. Would love to work from home, but not in sales.

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