How To Make Money Online On The Internet?

Hello, my friend:

Let me ask you this :

Why To Work From Home?

Why Work From Home is the best option for more extra income? Are you looking to make money online in a legitimate way?

Are you tired of your current job? Are you looking to have a better life and a financial freedom life as well? Why not? all of us do.

Well, if so, I want you to keep reading this blog, I am going to reveal a few tips on how most successful online entrepreneurs like: Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Neil Patel…used to make money online by just using the internet?

And what you should do to achieve that goal without hiring anyone and definitely you can do it by yourself and for yourself that means, more you put on time and hard work on your own online business more income and earning you will get.

Opting for  an online business  will definitely have a lot of benefits and advantages   more you can imagine, for instance :

– You can work from home and eventually have more time for my family.

– Less stress

– Quite an atmosphere to start your own business you can save gas and avoid traffic going to your routine daily job 9-5 hours.obviously you will be more productive as you operate your own work by yourself.

Starting an online business is a huge challenge and its a hard task to go through especially when you are a newbie in this way of earning an income.

I have been looking around to start doing this online business and try to be like one of those successful online entrepreneurs, so I took a challenge and start few online training businesses to learn ways and strategies and to follow all teachings required to start this online business.

Till, finally, I came across a training that offered me a free membership It called: TheWealthy Affiliate Program.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of legitimate training out there aiming to teach you how to make money online, but, be aware of scams as most of those pieces of training have one purpose is to suck people’s money by promising them a quick rich scheme.

Making money online requires hard work, persistence, and patience because you will never make money right the way is like you raise a tree, will take time and work and patience to see the fruits.

That why, I am convinced that the Wealthy Affiliate training is the best so far because they teach you first one thing: If you are here to see money coming to your account so fast, so you are on the wrong spot, that what they teach inside.

Their goal is: learn, educate yourself, practice then take actions.

Both owners and members are always active and ready to answer any question you have.

The training at the Wealthy Affiliate is very simple and easy to follow for both newbies and advanced people.

The training is all about understanding the concept of how making online and if this business is going to work for you or not.

The first level of the training is about your hobby( soccer, music, blogging, food..) and how you can turn that hobby into a business and make money off it.

You are going to learn how you can build your own niche website and set up an alive and active website to talk about your business and present it to your readers.

Creating quality content and get your site ready for search engines will be the most active and passionate part of the training.

To do that, you will need to select specific keywords and know-how and where to place them to get ranked so fast and easy on Google yahoo and bing.

The last phase of the training will focus on how to create links to different affiliate programs and earn money through those links.

Hold on, its not an easy challenge as you think …The training will definitely teach you different skills and strategies to start your own proper and get your own independent business online ready, only by following all courses and how they are presented step by step.

You are going to ask me, OK Omar. How am I going to start this business and I don’t have any clue about online business? and how I can trust the internet with a lot of scammers out there?

Well, as I mentioned earlier, online scammers are everywhere looking to suck people’s blood, you are absolutely right

That why I created this blog to guide you to the unique program you can safely use if you are looking to make money online for the long term.

The one I am still using for myself and over 1000000 users over the world do as well.

All of us we agree that the internet is a huge and a blessing tool we are granted with lately.

So just relax and if your intention is to look for an extra income or have a brilliant future, this could be your open door to achieve your dreams, I am not promising you will get there now, but I am definitely sure if you follow the training correctly and being responsible for your business, you will get the results you are looking for.

listen to Grant Cardone explaining a few tips on how to start a successful  business:

By the way, if you know how to read and write an email, I will definitely sure you that you are going to make money online in easy ways, No catch??? but?? you need to follow clearly the rest of my blog and I will guarantee you are going to be able to get these benefits.

So how to make money online on the internet and what you should do?

1: Understand How Making Money Online Works?

Well, Making money online used to be an impossible business unless you sacrifice a lot of money and time, only a few people can afford to have the internet and computers back then.

Now thanks to the technology anybody can easily have access to a computer, laptop, smartphones, and tablets and use the internet anywhere without any problem.

When you are searching on how to make money online, you will definitely find a  lot of courses available to teach people how to make money from home. There is a lot of ways you can make money from home but the most popular one is called: Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is very simple, all you need is to find a product and look for Affiliate partners or programs( such as Amazon associates programs, Clickbank,eBay), for that product, you  need to sign up with them and get the link to use in your website or blog so you can make a commission when someone purchases your product.

However, you should go for the best affiliate marketing courses because there are a lot of scams you won’t really think of. You have to be very skeptical when it comes to joining an online course before you do your research.

For example, with the internet, you can buy and sell anything you want (of course legal stuff) on eBay and Amazon. Eventually With your website and you can make money in the end.

Some marketers are making daily a ton of sales that why a lot of pieces of training on how to make money are massive online, they are offering their prepaid programs.

The problem is which ones are legit or not. You have to be very careful when choosing the right product and the right people you want to invest your money with.

Meanwhile, there are still legitimate ways, as I mentioned above earlier, to earn extra income online and get your piece of the pie as well. The training I highly recommend called:  Wealthy Affiliate Training.

Wealthy Affiliate is a great resource for someone who has no or very little experience in the online and blog world, Wealthy Affiliate Training has everything you need in one place.

2: Are You Type Of People Who Can Do This Business?

Yes you could be the type of people who can do this if :

– You are willing to work very hard to keep your business alive for a long time. You need to put at least 4 to 5 hours on a daily basis, online businesses take time and real work effort to build.

– Are you willing to be patient? , building an online business is like growing up a tree, this requires a long-term and huge effort and maintenance if you are looking to see fruits.

– Are you willing to take a risk? eventually creating any business requires money to start with, time to spend and hard work to put on as well. But sometimes with all these tools, we can not be 100 % sure if we will succeed or not.

Meanwhile, the good news is that studies are showing the successful marketers are people who are willing to take a risk and face the unknown and follow the real strategies’ step by step they were given and applied all tools and techniques they learn.

3: What Do You Need To  Do?

Take your time before you sign up for any program out there, don’t rush. that why I am here to save you time and guide you to the right training and experience you can rely on to start your online business for free.

The training will teach the components of each online business from Building a website and creating content, and Monetize your website by using Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

But Omar what makes you sure about your program?
First:  I am using it right, as I mentioned above, and this blog you are reading now is one of the fruits of the training, I never thought I can be able to set up a website so easy before, now its a  piece of cake for me.
Second:  I tested it by asking different users I know, they all have the same verdict, yes it works only it requires from a user to be consistent, persistent and hard work.
Third: I personally did my research online ( BBT .com  &Quora.com….) all of them they have the same verdict :
                                                         It’s a  Legit Training.
Another reason why Wealthy Affiliate is a legit training is that it has a lot of positive reviews, obviously, after I checked out this program, I will say that the most of the reviews out there are accurate, the wealthy affiliate is indeed a good program to believe in.

4: Is Making Money Online A Quick Rich   Scheme?

What you won’t expect is :
    #Get rich quick scheme
    #No promises.
    #It s not a pyramid scheme.
The answer is: No, if you are here and you expect to make money so quickly, I am sorry to tell you are on the wrong website, I can’t help you.
Otherwise, I will lie to you if I say yes you can be rich very quick.
None of the online business users can promise you to see the results so quickly unless it a fake one OK, keep this is your mind.
Sacrifice and hard work will lead to success.why?
Let me explain :
As a newbie on Affiliate Marketing online business, it won’t be easy for you to make money online for reasons below:
   – First, you didn’t have mastered yet what making money online requires, you need to have a lot of knowledge.
   -You have no or very little traffic (no audience).
  – You only have a little bit of content.
  – You don’t know much about making money in affiliate marketing yet.
  – Nobody trusts you, nobody knows you yet.
 So What You Should Do Is :
  – keep learning about the system step by step.
  – Keep writing awesome content.
  – Getting traffic, I mean visitors to your website ( you will learn how to get traffic).
    Having all these steps set up will help you make money online.
The majority of online business experts and bloggers you may watch on youtube or read their blogs, they have to go through the same concept for example :
 – Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income earns more than $100000 every month because of Affiliate Marketing.
 –  Michelle Schroeder-Gardner of Making sense of Affiliate Marketing makes a killing by promoting other people s products.
Both they have the same vision about online business, they agree that Affiliate Marketing is not a way to get rich quickly, but it can be a way to make decent money or even a full-time income if you put enough hard work and time towards to it.
They started their online businesses from scratches and they have the commitment, hard work, and money to get to that level where they are now.
So if they can do it why not you .? I can’t see any difference.

5: Don’t Give Up:

This is my last advice to give you my friend, if you are looking to be free financially, we all have debts to pay, we all have dreams to achieve.

If you are looking to have a passive income for while in your life, I deeply advise you not to give up so quickly, yes sometimes in this business you don’t feel like moving forward.

I had the same feeling as well, most of us could not see any results for more than 3 or 6 months we felt pessimist and ready to quit and drop off everything.

Yes, that will happen to you but don’t let it happens OK.

Well, I can conclude with one small tip :

If your intention is to start from ZERO and learn how to build a long term business online, here what do you need to do:

Follow the training am I recommending you, it’s free as a starter, step by step and give enough time to your business to grow up. Eventually, you will see results that will continue to grow over time not sooner but later.

By the way, here is a personal invite from the co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate Training Kyle.

Please listen to what he is going to say and take notes.




When this business has over 13 years of existence in the market that gives many of us a lot of confidence and courage to try it without hesitation at all.

Bottom line :

Does Wealthy Affiliate actually live up to all the hype?

In my opinion: Yes.

You will love your experience at Wealthy Affiliate, if you don’t, you can come here and leave me a nasty comment. I won’t be mad at all.

Want to start your own online affiliate business? Go to my #1 recommendation. You will learn how to build a successful online business. It’s FREE to join, no credit card required.

Get started now.

Please let me know if you have any question, I will more than happy to respond and don’t forget to leave me your comments  I want to know what do you think as well.

Good luck.



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  1. Awesome Omar. I really appreciate your heartfelt write-up guiding your visitor to the right place.
    I loved the way you have presented your thoughts, reading this, nobody will ever doubt the credibility of Wealthy Affiliate, one stop platform for all internet marketers.
    Looking forward for many such posts?

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