Is -FES-Financial Education Services A Scam?

Do you think if Financial Education Services -FES-is a  scam?

Let’s find out.

Hi everyone, my name is Omar, am here again to share with you my Point of view of another product I just came across, it is called: FES (Financial Education Education Services) it’s a credit repair tool and financial services tool.

So far most reviews I read about this product are great and awesome , meanwhile after I ‘ve been introduced to this program by a friend telling me I can get an extra paycheck easy once I sign up with them, then I quickly realized that this Financial Education education services in another Get rich quick product, because having an extra paycheck that easy is a big warning for me, so I have to step back and do my researches before I sign up.

What is Financial Education Education Services?

Financial Education Education Services called FES is a Multi-Level Marketing program and a product that offers credit repair services.

Financial Education Education Services has 3 services to offer :

  • A chance to make money in the MLM industry opportunity.
  • Chance to fix your credit by offering you a comprehensive credit restoration program.
  • Opportunity to help others fix their credit reports.

FES offers honor other products as well, such as :

  • Credit will and Trust.
  • They have the power of attorneys with over 900 attorneys that are available to provide legal advises and help their customers and members to complete and understand their services.

Who are the owners?

Is Financial Education Services A Scam?




Both those mastermind guys are behind the creation of the Financial Education Services program.




Is Financial Education Services A Scam?


Primal Naik & Mike Toloff are the co-founders of Financial Education Services.

Primal Naik is responsible for the strategic planning of the IT systems and databases behind the services offered through FES.


Operated out of Farmington Hills, Michigan.USA


$199 one time cost to join as a commission qualified member with the FES protection plan.

$89 a monthly fee.


4.9 out of 10.


  • Clients have 24/7 access and control to their account online.
  • Clients can track their account progress and view their credit reports from all three credit bureau x
  • Money back guarantees: Financial Education Education Services offers a 10 days money back guarantee for both the enrollment fee and the initial money membership fee.
  • Financial Education Education Services offers several programs options to choose from such as:

Credit restoration, Credit builder, credit report system and identify theft protection with what they call: life lock.

What I don’t like about Financial Education education services:

  • Financial Education  Services charges a low price per month but the clients are required to pay upfront cost for credit repair services.
  • The firm has only credited -trained employees unlike other firms in the credit industry.
  • Financial Education  Services has a lack of websites of information regarding consumer credit success rates.
  • The clients have to contact directly the company if they need the exact prices and details of the products which their website has none of it at all.
  • As far as prices concerned, I guess you can get access to the life lock website to have almost the same products for only :$9.99 a month or life lock ultimate Plus for only :$29.99.

My final takeaway:

Is Financial Education  Services a scam?

My answer is: NO

FES is a legitimate Compagnie that helps to restore their clients’ credits and improve their financial goals as well.

However, before you go ahead and sign up with them, I want you first to check out what members have to say about  Financial Education Services  Program.

Here what the first one has to say:

Now look what another member is telling us :

As you noticed, we have here with types of members that joined the training.

One of them is complaining about the program and he said he felt robbed and lost about $ 600, it is quite a lot of money to start with.

In the other hand, the other member seems to be happy with the company.

Now let us go and answer the main question behind this blog.

Can you make money using Financial Education Education Services?

Obviously, this is the part, anyone who is looking to join the program is interested in.

Well, lets me explain:

The Financial Education Education Services is a product of Multi-Level Marketing ( MLM).

In online business, there are two kinds of earning money: Either you start an MLM business or you choose to be an Affiliate Marketing Entrepreneur.

with MLM you need to:

  • Recruit others.
  • Sell from just on Compagnie and one product.
  • Pay to promote products.

Now with Affiliate Marketing:

  • You promote whatever product you think is legitimate and helpful for your readers.
  • You share your honest review on any product or program out there.
  • You have absolute freedom to choose any topic you like to write about.
  • You don’t pay to promote any products.

I personally prefer to create my own online business and promote whatever product I believe I can make money out of it and work on the time and location I want to, that is the best of being an affiliate marketing.to learn more how to be an affiliate marketing just click here.

Building an online business requires a lot of efforts and sacrifices and patience as well.

That why most successful online businesses have to go through and commit to their willingness to achieve their goals even though that will take a long time but at the end, they will build a huge asset for themselves and their future lovely family members.

Look at Tony Robbins, Neil Patel among other online business successful people, they have been through the same sacrifices and now they are enjoying their financial freedom finally.

For an added dose of inspiration, here’s a quote from Robbins about achieving great rewards in life.

“I believe life is constantly testing us for our level of commitment, and life’s greatest rewards are reserved for those who demonstrate a never-ending commitment to act until they achieve. This level of resolve can move mountains, but it must be constant and consistent.”

Now get out there, be bold, and move mountains!

Please, I would like to hear from you and I want to make sure if you found what you are looking for here on my review and if  Financial Education Education Services is a scam or not.

Feel free to leave me a comment.

Thank you for stopping by.

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  1. Hi Omarkk,
    Thanks for the interesting review. With all the hype around Financial Education Services, I found myself wondering: how do they actually repair your credit? What is this process? I feel I’d be more trusting of the product and service if they provided a bit more education as to what would be involved, but I felt like that was lacking.
    MLMs are usually appealingly sold (after all, a huge part of MLM work is selling), but I agree with you that affiliate marketing is a better way to build a long-term business that you can own 100%.

    • Hello Mia,
      Well the financial education services helps their customers by providing them with a lot of products to choose from , actually they charge you to use them ,to set up a a financial debt free life .
      Now as far as how they help you to repair your credit score.
      What they do is very simple they , basically ,help their customers go through what they call :Ultra score ,credit builder product,to delete all your previous and unpaid bills such as :
      Your medical bills,old credit cards,phone bills and car loans.
      They try to remove them from the three credit bureaus and they show you how to start building your credit again by having you apply for their credit cards or you open your own account.But remember Mia, you have to be a member with them and pay $89 a month.
      Personally, here are some tips for anyone who is looking to build and repair his credit score Mia:
      Apply for a Secure credit card through your bank and try to pay whatever you spend up to 30% on monthly basis.ok
      Pay your student loan.
      Obtain an installment loan.
      Those tips should help without a month fee.
      I hope you found what are you looking for.

  2. I really appreciate the tips you left above for rebuilding your credit. I’ve had a rough year with 2 major injuries and both requiring surgery and time off of work. I really was starting to look into FES, but now that I see they are MLM, which I know is not what I want to do (been there, tried that & don’t like harassing people that I know), I definitely won’t try that. Thanks

  3. A very good review on financial education services. Most of the people in the world are in debt of educational loan. Its not common to have organization to help you pay your debts. I love the guidance you provide the students as most of us are really confused and lack knowledge at this step.

    Keep it up, i would love to read such interesting blogs in future.

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