Is Proven Amazon Course A Scam? 2022 Review


                                       Is Proven Amazon Course a Scam? lets found out


Hi There, my name is Omark, I am here again to discuss and talk about another online training and, how, possibly, you can make money online. This product is called: Proven Amazon Course, is it a scam or not?

I am going to talk about the overall Proven Amazon Course. After that, you can decide if this is something that you find suitable for yourself and would like to get started with.

What is Proven Amazon Course?

Is Proven Amazon Course a scam?

According to their website :

The Proven Amazon Course is a comprehensive training course on how to sell products of any type of on Amazon.
 Name: Proven Amazon Course
Date launched: 2009
Founder: Jim Cockrum.
Ratings: 7 out of 10.

who is Jim Cockrum?


Is A Proven Amazon Course a scam?

                  Proven Amazon course co-founder

Jim Cockrum is a popular author, blogger, speaker, and successful Internet Entrepreneur. He has been selling a book called: “silent sales machine” published in 2002.
The most recent version was released in 2006 called: Silent Sales Machine 2.0. It is a comprehensive proven guide to multiple streams of online income.

What Proven Amazon Course is for?

The Proven Amazon Course is a training course on how to sell products of any type on  Amazon. The course is all about different techniques and tips on how Amazon selling works, how and where to source products to sell, how to get started, how to ship your products to your customers anywhere in the world, and ultimately how to accept payments and provide refunds as well.

The course teaches students how to choose lucrative products and how to advertise them correctly by following a few steps of the training they find in the member area such as :

  1. Sourcing Products Master Class:                                                                                                 
  2.   This training includes more than 3 hours of videos teaching students how to advertise the product and spy on sellers and drop ship.
  3. Mentorship webinars: 
  4. This section includes almost 40 hours of mentor videos such as how to get to $ 5000 per month sourcing on budget.
  5. Proving building course:
  6. This course includes 14 videos teaching their basic formulas, from examing your products and determining your profits and listing your Amazon product and more.

    How much Proven Amazon Course cost? 

Proven Amazon Course called as well ( PAC) has two payment options to choose from:

Payment option # 1: One payment of :$ 499.00

payment option# 2: Three payments of :$ 189 each.

This includes :

Access to the Proven Amazon Course exclusive Facebook members page and free membership in Cockrum’s My silentteam.com.

Here are a few Proven Amazon Courses websites, students can have full access to :

  • Proven performance inventory.
  • AZ refund guide.com
  • eBay to Amazon course
  • Proven booksourcing.com
  • Proven private label.com
  • Proven team building.com
  • Online sourcing strategies.com ( 7 hours of training strategies for online sourcing)

The most interesting of the PAC ( Proven Amazon Course) is that they offer a variety of ways how to learn, they are offering training through PDF guides, podcasts, video training, and webinars, so you can switch up the training and use whatever training you prefer.

Here is The Proven Amazon Course inside:

Is Proven Amazon Course a scam?

                                                 Proven Amazon Course Training courses

Is there a refund policy?

Jim Cockrum says on his website, that yes there is a 100% refund policy if you don’t find the value you are expecting, however, he doesn’t mention, on his website, how a member can get the refund.

After you preview these courses presented by the Proven Amazon Course co-founder, do you still believe that Proven Amazon Course is a scam?

Although like many other online courses you can find out there, make sure to look for the Pros and Cons of each course before you join, so you can make your decision so easy. Here are a few of the Pros and Cons for you to know:

What I like about this course:

The first thing I want you to know is that the course is universally applicable like the course I am taking right now and helps a lot to start my own online business I can operate from anywhere in the world and anyone can do it.

You can still take the course and learn how to sell on Amazon sites whenever you live in the world.

The Proven Amazon Course is committed to keeping up to date with the latest information, particularly new selling techniques on how to sell on Amazon and especially presenting new products and new prices.

The Proven Amazon Course has a staff that keeps up with you with the market, amazon’s changes, and new technologies.

The retail price of:$ 499 is reasonably acceptable if you compare what you are getting, a lot of sourcing of learning on how to sell easily on Amazon, other courses may charge you over $1000 to get the knowledge that Proven Amazon Course can provide.

The Proven Amazon Course contains names of legitimate and trustworthy wholesalers where you can get tips from those who have gone before you.

The Proven Amazon Course has a positive BBB rating, it has a solid A+, which simply means it’s a good source of knowledge.

Is Proven Amazon Course A scam?

There are a lot of success stories to show that those who follow through the training inside this course do succeed.

What I don’t like about ProvenAmazon Course:

Lack of customer services, some former students are complaining of having many issues with the customer services department, Even Cockrum company has addressed these technical issues they have with their customers.

Some students have found that courses presented by the Proven Amazon Course are designed for beginners and newbies only. It does not benefit advanced courses at all.

When you check their website, you will get overwhelmed with a lot of testimonials on their sales page, they seem more focus on pushing and showing us of testimonials in people’s faces.

Even though starter courses are too complicated, they claim the lessons are too long and aren’t divided correctly so you get so easily overwhelmed. unlike other training like Wealthy Affiliate courses, they understand how to fix this issue so they break down their training into small sections so even newbies will be able to understand.

The way Wealthy Affiliate has presented their courses is by leading students to learn and practice the first section then you move to the next one so you won’t be missing anything, in other words, after you take the first course you will be shown how to practice what you earned first then you will be directed to take the next following course.

Here is an example of the Wealthy Affiliate courses layout:

As you can the whole training is divided into TWO big sections :

          A # Online Entrepreneur certification training:

The training is divided into 5 phases, each phase includes 10 lessons that will walk you through the process of creating an online business from scratch and teaches you how to use different affiliate programs including Amazon to start making money online.

The training will help you grow your business within absolutely any niche you want.

          B#  Affiliate Bootcamp training :

The Affiliate Bootcamp training is divided into 7 Phase, each phase has 10 series of courses walking you through the process of creating and establishing a business in a niche related to the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate

This training focuses on the MMO, Make Money Online niche, and a high conversion affiliate marketing program.

Here is the walkthrough of the process presented by the co-founder of the Wealthy Affiliate program:

                                             Here is MY #1 Recommendation training 

They will teach you to build a successful online business

Absolutely FREE to join, with no hidden costs or fees

                             Perfect and safe way to make a long time living on the internet

Can you make money with PAC?

You will be surprised when you check out their site testimonials, some of their members claim they earn seven and eight figures per month.

However, on their earning disclaimer, they say the numbers are just an estimate of what few people are earning and there is no guarantee you will earn that, that simply means, no one taking a course will experience the same results, definitely not.

Making money online and selling Amazon products will never be guaranteed a steady income unless you put a lot of effort and stay consistent and positive and don’t give up, it’s my personal tip for you.

If you think you are overwhelmed with all those complaints, then you should check other options. I highly suggest checking My 1# recommendation work-at-home business, it’s a legitimate and safe, and guaranteed way to earn a full or part-time income from home using only your computer and your dedication to work hard to fulfill your dreams.

My verdict :

Is Proven Amazon Course a scam?

The Proven Amazon Course is not a scam, period. You can join the program if you are to focus on selling ONLY Amazon products and learn many techniques they provide inside their courses if you want to be an Amazon seller expert.

Personally, I do recommend the Wealthy Affiliate Traning as my favorite program to join, if you are looking, not only, learn how to sell Amazon products but you will also you will learn EVERYTHING you need to know about online business.

Why I do recommend the Wealthy Affiliate program?

First: it’s free to join.

Second: You will learn the easy and best-known way how to build your business online step by step.

Wealthy Affiliate Program

Conclusion :

Here you have everything you want to know about The Proven Amazon Course training. I hope I did answer all questions you had before you read my post, however, if you still have more questions and need more details please feel free to leave them in my comment section below, I will be happy to get you the answer you are looking for.

Until next,

Thank you,




Have a nice day.


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  1. Hi, Omark, I think the Proven Amazon Course (PAC) would be great for those perhaps looking to build affiliate networking as well as looking to sell their own products and perhaps rise through Amazon’s ranks, which of course equates to more sales throughout time. The price is far more than fair as well; $499 one-time payment means I’ll literally need to work my day job for like half a week to cover the cost, so it’s more than affordable.

    I actually sell digital products via Amazon, so will PAC be something I should keep my eye on and invest in?

  2. Hi Omarkk,
    I have seen the PAC course and I think you are being kind in your assessment of them. For mine there is a lot of information in PAC that are simplified techniques taken from some drop shipping site like shopify or similar. True there are some techniques that need explaining. But they are not that complicated and you could find the answer to most of them on sites like Quora.
    Maybe it is not a scam but it is one of the more useless courses out there.

  3. I think PAC can be good to certain people, not a newbie or new starters. As you mentioned WA can be a gate for those that have no idea what to do. PAC can be good for those people that have a little bit of experience in this field. At least that is my opinion after reading your review.
    I personally found WA and I joined them and I believe I can grow much better with them and their community.
    Thank you for this amazing post

    • You are absolutely right Mohammed ,with Wealthy Affiliates we have more opportunities than other training out there to grow up and do better as far online businesses concerned.
      Thank you for stopping by.

  4. Thank you for doing this review. As someone who is brand new, I can honestly say that its totally overwhelming all the options for courses for learning how to make money online and the number of courses available. I literally feel like I could spend all day every day in courses, and they all sell them with big savings. I really appreciate this review so that I don’t jump into another course!

    • Hello Kendra,
      Searching for right products to learn from is really a huge challenge nowadays, specially there are a lot of different products out there and will need time and hard work to decide which ones to choose from.
      Happy to find this post helpful ,thank you .

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